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SHPTV Staff Members

Michael Quade, General Manager & CEO
Earl Brown, IT Engineer
Larry Calvery, Corporate Support Representative
Terry Cutler, Director of Engineering
Kelli King, Director of Finance and Administration
Tricia Flax, Accounting Assistant
Les Kinderknecht, Senior Producer/Director
Callie Kolacny, Marketing Director
Glenna Letsch, Director of Content
Shelley Oden, Membership Assistant
Brian Pertl, Assistant Chief Engineer
Malinda Walker, Director of Membership
Wayne Roberts, Corporate Support Representative
Matt Campbell, Production
Nichole Howard, Traffic

Board Members

The corporation is governed by a board of directors who represent the coverage area. The corporation employs a general manager to manage the day-to-day operations of the station. The general manager is a non-voting member of the corporation and sits in an ex-officio capacity on all standing and ad hoc committees. The current Smoky Hills Public Television Board Members are listed below.

Randall Weller, Hill City (Chair)
James Millensifer, Oakley (Vice-Chair)
Mary Anderson, Osborne (Treasurer)
Randy Coleman, Goodland (Secretary)
Jean Cavanaugh, Great Bend
Cynthia Elliott, Hays
Neal Haerich, Victoria
Earnie Lehman, Hays
Florence Metcalf, Liberal
Taylor Summers, Ulysses
Mary Ann Tanking, Salina
Luanne Theleman, Natoma
Mary Ann Thompson, Hays
Janis Lee, Hays
Deena Ruggels, Russell
Joe Robben, Victoria
Amy Hernandez, Salina

Community Advisory Board

The corporation is advised by a community-based advisory board that meets every other month to review programming policy and major decisions of the board of directors. The current Community Advisory Board members are listed below.

Pat Harberer, Russell (Chair)
Gladys Baird, Bunker Hill
Jackie Burton, Russell
Thyra DeMarco, Russell
Lana Green, Bunker Hill
Thelma Hutchinson, Hoisington
Arleen Krug, Russell
Francis Mahoney, Stockton
Pat Peck, Bunker Hill
Elzina Scott, Russell
Edie Siemers, Rusell
Diane Waymaster, Bunker Hill
Meg Zweifel, Waldo
Don Burton, Russell

Speaking Events

If you would like a representative from Smoky Hills to speak at your events or civic club meeting, contact Tricia Flax at 800-337-4788 Ext 103 or at tflax@shptv.org.

Smoky Hills Public Television Corporation is incorporated as a community licensed public television station. It is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation.

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